Hello, We are Crown Shades and Outdoor Designz!

We’re a group of individuals based in California that have one purpose, to create the world’s best shade for the world’s happiest customers. With decades of knowledge under our belts, we have designed and patented the easiest canopy products the world has ever seen. Our technology is innovate, tough, and elegant.

Our California team is bound together under the banner of OUTDOOR DESIGNZ, and we have partnered with China’s premiere canopy manufacturer, CROWN SHADES. As one, we are taking strides to create an all-in-one custom canopy solution, improve our web presence, ease access to replacement parts for our older shade canopy models, and innovate new technology that will help you create high profile shade experiences.

In this website you’re going to find every canopy that we’ve ever made, with how to set up videos, replacement options, and helpful tips for maximizing the longevity of your products. We’re also in the process of building web apps to make quick mockups of custom canopies and how they will like in your setting.

Outdoor Designz and Crown Shades want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and our mission.