Crown Shades recommends that you take down your canopy in windy and rainy weather. Continued use in bad weather conditions will cause damage to your canopy. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover damage caused by weather.


Properly anchoring your canopy is important to its longevity. Your canopy is strongest when it has many steady attachment points to the ground.

  • Use the stakes through the feet of the canopy.
  • All new Crown Shades Helix Stakes twist into the ground and work as anchors.
  • Guy rope attached at the corners of the canopy fabric is strongest when it makes a 45º with the ground. Anchors like stakes, filled 5 gallon buckets, and tree stumps, all work equally well to anchor your guy rope.
  • Weight Bags are recommended at many farmers’ markets, they wrap to the leg above the foot and are filled with sand.
  • Weight Plates are compact and easy to carry along with the canopy, and just slip over each foot around the leg.